While it may have been spring break here, for the rest of the world it was Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, as usual. Here on campus, Anti-War Action! is gearing up for their big student strike Wednesday, and the Ann Arbor Committee for Peace has a billboard on I-94.

The Observer (London) reported yesterday on a leaked memo from the National Security Agency urging their employees to intercept and decode messages from the UN security council members. Read the article here: “Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war”. Mother Jones has an interesting article this month explaining the neoconservative thirst for oil in the middle east.

More locally, former Daily editor Tom Hayden was in town, although there’s no mention of it in the newspaper. I’ve also heard that he met with editor-in-chief Louie Meizlish for over an hour. Hopefully he listened – Louie refused to meet with the boycotters, and silenced internal criticism about the newspaper.

Finally, the Review’s bakesale was just what Adam de Angeli needed to discover that it was a right-wing newspaper, not “just another campus publication I didn’t read.”

Author: Rob