Yesterday, I was told in a meeting with Michigan Daily editor-in-chief Louie Meizlish that three recent posts to this website constituted ‘Daily-bashing,’ something prohibitied under the newspaper’s bylaws. As you may know, I was fired by previous editor-in-chief Jon Schwartz after I disagreed with him on a private email list. (He was threatening to sue Anti-War Action! after the Daily had printed a libelous editorial about them.) Mr. Meizlish demanded I remove the posts or I would be barred from attending Daily editorial board meetings, which are technically public meetings held in a University-owned building. He didn’t believe that many newspapers have columnists who criticize the newspaper’s content for a living. Not only do more than 40 newspapers have ‘ombudsmen,’ the local Free Press is among them, something the Daily editors would know if they read their subscription more carefully.

In other news, the Daily finally reported about the University’s decision to fuel their busses with low-sulfer diesel, something the University Record printed on Monday. They also printed a story about an insider trading allegation at the U-M business school.

Budget issues dominated the Regents’ meeting yesterday, and the Daily reported the administration is planning $55 million in budget cuts in a story that doesn’t make the front page on their website. The Detroit News is more alarmist, their headline reads: “U-M braces for $42 million in cuts: Shortfall next year may lead to layoffs and bigger classes” I think circumstantial evidence suggests class sizes have already increased due to budget cuts.

Author: Rob