LATE BREAKING: The Michigan Daily endorses Students First:
“Galardi and Perry have the impressive resumes that almost of the candidates have … Even more importantly, these intelligent, charismatic candidates seem to be open to differing perspectives, having personal relationships with people from all walks of campus life. They are student representatives in the truest sense.

Listening to Jon Clifton and Paul Scott, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, respectively, it is hard to see any clear direction in their political mission. The items on their platform seem largely aimed at scoring political points with University students, citing numerous, ambitious campaign promises to make the student feel happy and make campus life easier.”

Here’s a few election-eve emails floating around in the aether. Including Rick Dorfman’s “Jewish Voter Guide” endorsing Paul Scott, and an Anti-War Action email that says the following:

“The second campaign item is a lot more relevant to the mission of Anti-War Action! The U Party was formed on the ideal that student government should avoid national issues, essentially, avoid dealing with things like the war. This myopic view extends to the rest of the Assembly, including the elimination of commisions such as Women’s Issues, Peace and Justice Commission, Minority Affairs Commision, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Comission.

This is a scary prospect. Not only would our group not have access to the funds, resources, and assistace that MSA has provided us with in the past, but the minority community, the women’s community, and the queer community on campus will be stripped of their voices and their access to the assembly.”

Also, as of yesterday, 247 people have visited my Adam Haba page. Daily Columnist Peter Cunniffe quotes from the email in his column:
“That would indicate this year’s primarily conservative party is the new University Party; which is merely a hypothesis, though they are running a candidate, Adam Haba, who wrote a bizarre e-mail forwarded widely around campus in which he responded to an invitation to an African American cultural show, by writing, among other things, “I refuse to sit through an hour of ‘I hate whitey’ racial slurs, in your ‘nazi-esque’ attempt to convince me that I am the cause of your oppression, for the sole reason that I am white. “

Author: Rob