Woodshop supporters have announced the creation of a student group:

“Dear Student Woodshop Users
As many of you know the student wood shop has been closed and may never be opened again. But there is still a possibility that it could be kept open with your help. Student participation is one of, if not the most important way that the shop doors can reopen. There have been a group of around a hundred individuals students, staff, alumni and community members meeting weekly on Sundays to discuss ways in which the wood shop can be reopened. If you can attend then please do, we need your input and voice to be heard. The next meeting is this Sunday July 13 in Lorch 201 off of Tappin St at 3:00pm and the following Sunday same time and place. The wood shop started off as a student run organization and has been mis funded. A student organization is in effect as of now and we need as many members to join and attend meetings as possible. If the student interest is strong enough then they cannot deny us our right to keep the doors open. Please use your voice and right as a student to email Mary Sue Coleman at marysuec@umich.edu and tell her what you think about the closing.
There are many ideas already on the table to keep the shop open and a lot of bases are covered but the one thing that there can never be enough of is the voice of the very members that make up the university and that is the students. We invite anyone who is available and willing to contribute to come to the next meeting, email me with ideas, write a letter to the president, contact other people who you know who use or have used the woodshop and get them on board. If we want this shop to stay open which many of us do then we need to do it because no one is going to do it for us.
Anthony Arnold
Co-Chair of Student Woodshop Organization

Author: Rob