The Ann Arbor Sucks weblog notes this Michigan Daily article, which documents the outragous prices charged in the University-owned convenience stores. Lest the collective memory forget, it was only a few years ago both South Quad and Bursley had grills serving a wide variety of inexpensive hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, and other foods. After an expensive “consultant” hired by housing, the University decided an overpriced, corporate-logo filled convenience store could generate more revenue. (The entire Housing Administration is run as a financially independent unit within the University.) The only place where the grill closings was sucessfully resisted? East Quad.

Virginia Tech has reinstated their affirmative action program.

Apparently, a hearty crowd braved the cold for this year’s Hash Bash.

MSU has suspended two after this year’s riot … and the MSU police have posted photos of riot participants on the web.

The Ann Arbor News casts a mildly distainful gaze on Ann Arbor’s homeless in a companion piece for this belated story about the creation of an advocacy organization for their interests.

Last, but not leastJames Justin Wilson has issued a “correction” about Andrew Shrivell.

Author: Rob