The Greek system is trying to consult their way out of a hard earned reputation for hazing and date rape. Good luck!

Since I spent the evening writing and thinking about Detroit, I will subject you to a couple websites. This, apparently British website has a nifty Detroit population animated gif, and the great folks with the U.S. census are asking: “What about Detroit?”, suggesting the Detroit area might have more sprawl if the population actually increased. I also came across this somewhat spotty Detroit history website.

Although it’s hard to believe with snow on the ground, some scientists think by 2030 Michigan’s climate may be more like Kentucky’s.

Also, Grace Lee Boggs writes on “If Martin Luther King were alive today” in the Michigan Citizen:
“The whole world is participating in creating the new concept of the global citizenship which King espoused.
A new global democracy, operating outside governmental frameworks, has forced the overwhelming majority of the world’s governments to dissociate themselves from the “evil empire” that our country has become in the eyes of the world. “

Author: Rob