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The Uses of SMS

During my travels through South Africa, I was consistently surprised by the extent of coverage of my Vodocom cell phone. From the tip of the Cape of Good Hope to remote mountain passes over two hours’ drive from Cape Town, my Nokia cell phone always reported a strong signal. Perhaps I should not be surprised […]

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South Africa Trip Photos

So far, my trip to South Africa is going great. I won’t have the opportunity to write much here until after I return in July, but I thought I would share a few highlight photos. Our studio class is examining housing and economic issues in a small town about two hours from Cape Town called […]

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Molo Cape Town!

Tomorrow I’ll be boarding a flight to Cape Town, South Africa, where I’ll be spending the next month studying abroad. Our group will be completing a studio report on a small, 200-year old town outside of the city. While Cape Town is renowned as a fascinating and beautiful place, I think I’d like any place […]

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