O Street Market Redevelopment

Although some Shaw blogs have already posted some of these images, I thought readers would be interested to see the first architectural renderings of the redevelopment planned by Roadside Development for the site currently occupied by the Shaw Giant Supermarket, and the ruins of the 1881 O Street Market (more). The company has dubbed the project “CityMarket.”

The project is planned to contain 601 apartments and condos, a 200-room hotel, and a 56,000 square foot supermarket. It will also, in the developer’s words, “will spark the redevelopment of the historic Shaw community by providing two and one half levels of underground parking … The required parking under District zoning would be approximately 300 spaces while 700 spaces will be provided.”

O Street Market

CityMarket Perspective

CityMarket Site Plan

CityMarket Cross Section

CityMarket Elevations


Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Can’t say I’m excited about the fact that they’re providing twice the parking that’s required, which could arguably already be too much, right around the corner from two metro stops. But I’m glad they’re preserving the old facade. It’s hard to tell with the drawings HOW it will be incorporated, though.

    Doesn’t bragging about the parking reek of what Richard terms the suburban mindset pervading the city?

  2. It does, however neighborhood leaders like ANC Commissioner Alex Pedro are convinced it’s something that’s holding Shaw back. I wonder how much parking is available on U Street or Dupont Circle …

  3. Yuck. The surrounding buildings will completely dwarf the market. Townhouses or buildings of a similar size are far more appropriate to the scale of the market facade.

  4. If you’re talking about a grocery store, a hotel, condo’s and apartments I have no problem with “too much” underground parking…

    After living in Shaw and hearing about this for the last 5 years, this construction can’t happen soon enough…

  5. Why do people continuously clamour “townhouses or buildings of a similar size” when it’s clear low-density structures in a development of this type are simply not economically feasible? Even with the number of parking spaces involved, the Shaw neighborhood is a perfect location for more dense, transit-oriented development. Townhouse may have been appropriate for the area at the turn of the nineteenth century, but not today!

  6. Jesus Jim, calm down.

    I’m not saying that taller development isn’t appropriate for the area now, it is. I’m making a point about aesthetics, specifically the pointlessness of preserving the O street market facade, a relic of less-dense development, when it’s going to be completely dwarfed by the adjacent, modern buildings.

  7. The zoning commission refused to schedule a hearing on this, meaning Roadside will have to go back to the drawing board on this. More delays, etc.

    Too bad.

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