Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. What’s it doing in Firefox? I also just re-arranged the links to follow the F shape, thanks for the tip. I am open to other suggestions for WordPress themes.

  2. I like it. Gotta tell you, I have a google alert set up for “Goodspeed” and that is how I came here.

  3. Just my opinion, but I think you should:
    – Arrange the links (about, recently, monthly archives) to be on the side and the posts should be to the left or to the right in a vertical orientation.
    – You should show more than two posts at a time (try last 30 days), and each page should allow you to flip back one page to view older posts.

    In Firefox, the posts are rendering horizontally instead of vertically.

  4. Rob, I too like your mom have a google alert for your name.

    My complaint is that it’s hard to see what you’ve written lately. You have the most recent posts right below the two “blocks” up top, but it’s very hard to get a sense of what those are about from the titles alone. Can you somehow have a little blurb there too?

  5. Wow. I like it a lot. You can throw out Hisham’s thought’s entirely. I am so tired of websites that all follow that “f-shape” pattern. This compact and organized and easy to read. It’s beautiful information design which sets its own course while remaining distinctive. It’s incredibly intuitive.

    And the best part? The comments don’t have those silly underlines — you just watch, but I bet your comments will increase. Because people will be able to read them.

    In Safari it looks beautiful.

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