Urban Planning and Web 2.0

I thought I would note I’ve posted an article about potential applications of Web 2.0 technologies in the field of urban planning to the Planetizen blog:

Planetizen: How Can Planners Use the Web?

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Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Must say that this is pretty interesting. The utility of Web 2.0 and urban/community planning in the developed world is tremendous. However, it could hasten the divide between developed/developing, rich/poor countries. You know what I mean? Pittsburgh – fantastic. Rural Islamabad – not so much.

  2. Although I would agree the applications would be different in the context of the developing world, there has actually been considerable interest in enhancing citizen participation in government around the world, including applications of web technology. I would think that cell phone technology could lead to some interesting applications …

  3. Yeah, it could hasten the development of cell phone/gps/interactive feedback technology. I just think that it’s better to think of these kinds of things in the widest context possible, to extend the benefits to the widest extent possible.

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