Shiloh Baptist Church Properties

Shiloh Baptist Church Properties

Shiloh Baptist Church is often mentioned in discussions of the problem of vacant structures in Shaw. Using public city sources I created the map above illustrating the properties owned by the church in the Shaw neighborhood. The church owns seven vacant rowhomes and two parking lots in addition to three occupied church buildings. I have heard the church has considered using the properties for elderly housing and other uses, but they have sat vacant and empty for many years. The structures are all within the a historic district meaning any major construction would need approval from the city’s Historic Preservation Review Board.

The Carter G. Woodson home and two ajoining properties shown on the map are also vacant but owned by the National Park Service. Other vacant properties in the neighborhood, including three at the corner of 9th and Q st NW, are not shown on this map. A complete list of the properties owned by the church is shown below, please scroll to the right to view all the data.

Address Square Lot Description City Use Code Owner Name 2007 Assessed Value
1500 9TH ST NW 365 834 Church Building COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH TRUSTEES $4,787,190
1510 9TH ST NW 365 835 Church Building COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH TRUSTEES $6,031,000
1507 9TH ST NW 397 30 Church Building COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH $1,414,230
1534 9TH ST NW 365 821 Vacant Structure COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH TRUSTEES $274,650
1528 9TH ST NW 365 824 Vacant Structure COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH $340,840
1526 9TH ST NW 365 825 Vacant Structure COMMERCIAL SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH $297,700
1533 9TH ST NW 397 0031 Vacant Structure & Parking Lot 64 – Parking Lot-Special Purpose SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH $279,970

Conduct your own property research with the city’s assessment database.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. AWESOME map, Rob.

    I recently heard that somehow Shiloh has been exempted from paying taxes on their vacant properties, which is a travesty and hugely unfair to the taxpaying citizens of the neighborhood (who’s property values are hurt by Shiloh’s vacant properties) if true.

  2. The property records seem to show they are paying taxes on these properties, although I am not sure if at the higher “vacant” rate. A topic worth looking into in more detail.

  3. That was my impression also, however someone informed me recently that they aren’t, in fact, paying taxes on the vacant properties due to some exemption they’ve been able to apply. If I find out anything substantiating this, I’ll let you know.

  4. Great map! How about doing one for the United House Of Prayer properties including the Bishop Madison properties)?

  5. It looks like Shiloh also owns 1543 8th Street, NW (Square 0421, Lot 0046) — the owner is listed as AGNES B BLACK TRUSTEES OF SHILOH BAPTISTCHURCH

  6. FYI, the following appeared on a Bloomingdale neighborhood email. It led me to want to ask if you think Public Works can be enlisted to enforce some fines against Shiloh for their nuisance properties?


    From a LeDroit Park resident:

    Any possibility you might post the list of notable nuisance properties in LeDroit? It would be a useful reference with respect to tracking progress by agencies tasked with curing the deficiencies. Also, what were the notable characteristics of actual “nuisance” in the compiled list? Who established those parameters?

    Enforcement can sometimes prove stranger than fiction. I’d like to point out two side-by-side properties; 1826-1828 4th St. NW. One is regrettably vacant for years, a real mess, but tended. The other is caged to the rear with chain link, perpetually unkempt and shabby with usual abundance of trash, overgrowth and debris; a junked car the centerpiece for more than 8 years. Without a doubt both owners demonstrate careless disregard.

    Question: Guess which property has been raided by Public Works on numerous occasions with costly, punitive clean-up and continuing enforcement?

    Answer: The property that’s not overflowing with festering auto junk and rat-harboring garbage.

    Our urban community is enhanced, if not perfected, by reasonable, even-handed enforcement of all basic sanitary codes. We’re talking about basic standards at the root of quality-of-life in ANY city. It’s not rocket-science.

    Have you ever had the impression unwavering enforcement is directed toward owners who are deemed more able to pay the fines?

  7. As owned of a house on 9th Street next to one of the vacant Shiloh properties, I think it is a crime that the city allows this church (and others) to leave this properties vacant. The house next ot me has benn vacant since the early ’70s and the church has moved out small business in their properties across the street from me since I bought my home. I have had to deal with drunks sleeping on the steps on Shiloh’s properties and have had to call the police. Some times the police will move them on but other times they have told me that it is up to the propoerty owner (Shiloh) to move them on. I have asked Shiloh to do something about this and have gotten the response that “it is the police’s responsibility.” I believe that the city should force Shiloh to do something with these properties or be made to sell them. PEople have expressed and interest in the property next to mine but Shiloh will not sell. It is terrible that living in an historic district here within the nation’s capital a good portion of the properties are left vacant by a mjor church in the city.

  8. FYI…Shiloh might actually own more properties than the ones you found. Properties bequested to Shiloh might not show up in the database as such. If Shiloh is the trustee on a particular property, the database would only show the original owner’s name and not the Trustee.

  9. You newcomers (to Shaw) need to leave Shiloh and its parishioners alone. I’m sure you would love to see a, shall we say, less colorful institution or business in its place now that you have suddenly decided that Shaw is THE place to be and have brought your dollars to accomplish some (much needed) development in the area.

    Your attitude toward that esteemed instutition and its parishioners is insultingly condescending and paternalistic. You assume that Shiloh’s membership does not know where its tithes and offerings are going, and you have taken it upon yourselves to “enlighten” them. Like any Baptist church, Shiloh is self-governing and provides its members with periodic statements of account, so members are well aware of what their church is doing with their hard-earned money. I believe that now that Shaw is considered a “hot” property, you cannot stand that a black chuch has such valuable real estate lying fallow and you want to get your greedy, development-crazed hands on it.

    Shiloh has done tremendouse work in Shaw and elsewhere over the years, about which I am sure your researchers have never bothered to learn. Shiloh and other black churches in the area cared about Shaw when no one else did, stayed there when no one else would and invested in Shaw when no one else was remotely interested.

    Now Shiloh will, I’m sure, develop its property–in its own time and in its own way. If you want to effect real change, then JOIN SHILOH! Worship with them, fellowship with them, contribute your tithes and join its Board of Trustees. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place of worship right where you live? Join Shiloh and you will have a true understanding of what this faith-based institution is trying to accomplish for the poor, homeless, seniors, children, missionaries, widows and orphans you claim to be so concerned about. Once you join Shiloh’s membership, then, and only then, will you have a legitimate right to try to direct Shiloh’s path vis-a-vis the properties which are the source of so much irritation to you. I promise you your life will be richer, and less exclusionary, for the experience.

    If you choose not to do this, then just leave Shiloh alone to continue its work! Although you appear to be doing your best to obtain the properties in question by unjust political means, at present these properties are NOT yours to develop, not under your dominion and control. So please adopt a more positive, progressive attitude (than condemnation) or just get over it and leave Shiloh alone!

  10. Having grown up in Shaw, I am a direct beneficiary of the GOOD that Shiloh has done in the community. I understand that you newcomers want immediate and positive change as it relates to the property in Shaw, but you CHOSE to move into a community where a large church has existed for more than 100 years. Shiloh was there through the riots, through the violent days of the late 80s and early 90s, and they CHOSE to stay in the District at a time when other Black churches are moving into PG County.

    I’ve been gone from DC for a number of years, but Shaw will always be my home as my grandparents are still active members of that community. Even when I was growing up, I recall resenting the arrogance and “take-over attitude” of those who were just starting to move back into the city in the 90s. Instead of papering cars with negative flyers, why don’t you use more neighborly means to reach out to Shiloh. Instead of bad-mouthing a congregation of mostly good Christian people, why not try to work with them?

    As I write this, I am trying to hold back certain emotions because you people are certainly doing all that you can to perpetuate the notion that white folks have a “great plan” to take over our beloved city. Don’t forget, people like my grandparents and their parents were Washingtonians before it was famous and even before Shaw was a fashionable place for you to live. They were there even when they did not have a choice of neighborhoods to live in.

    As the previous poster said…Leave those people ALONE! You’re soooo damn typical!

  11. Thank you everyone for your comments.

    My motivation for the map was to simply put some facts behind the crazy rumors flying around. There’s plenty of vacant properties with all types of owners in DC, as I hope to make clear in a future map. I have also talked with church members that agree something should be done with the properties, so I’m not sure this is an “us” vs “them” issue …

    Visitors may also be interested in this news story:
    D.C. Church Dissenters Attempt to Oust Pastor

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