DC Launches Pedestrian Master Plan

Heard about this from an email from the planning school:

The District of Columbia Pedestrian Master Plan has launched their project website AND online survey (see links below). If you live or work in the District, please take a few minutes to complete the short survey, and then forward it along to any friends/colleagues/neighbors who may be interested. The more input we receive from those of you who know the roads best, the better the end result!

The goal of the Pedestrian Master Plan is to “make the District of Columbia safer and more walkable by improving sidewalks, roadway crossings and the quality of the pedestrian environment, and by ensuring that District policies and procedures support walking.”

> DC Pedestrian Master Plan Website
> DC Pedestrian Plan Survey

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. I am an old lady and still a big walker.
    I have daily a struggle to cross the
    intersection of Rock Creek Parkway and Virginia Ave to cross over towards the bridge over Rock Creek and from there along the Potomac to the bottom of Wisconsin, from where I like to climb p to M street to do my shopping. The trouble spot is the crossing where the light is, and the allowance of time to cross the double traffic lane is too short. Also the cars stop too close to the crossing lane. The next trouble stop is under the highway, where I have to go up on Wisconsin. There is no white pedestrian pavement strip. I am waiting eagerly for the improvements that are suggested for the area along the river. The Swedish Embassy has made some improvements. More is needed to be done forthis potentially very attractive location to make it accessible for pedestrians. As it is even so, it is very popular.

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