The History of 7th Street’s ‘Warehouse’

I had no idea this Shaw business had such an interesting history! Warehouse is a great spot in the neighborhood that hosts all kinds of arts events and runs a coffee shop/bar/cafe.

One of the most active [arts spaces in DC] is the family-run cluster on 7th street Northwest, comprising the Warehouse Theater, Warehouse Nextdoor and Warehouse Café, where 430 theater performances were produced and 530 bands played last year alone. They’re owned by a Washington family whose roots in the neighborhood go back well over a century. In the 1890’s, the strip looked a little different. Instead of catching the latest punk band at the Warehouse Nextdoor, you might have been buying seeds at Ruppert’s Hardware Store. WAMU’s Gail Wein explains how this traditional family business morphed into an alternative arts district.

Listen to the story on WAMU’s Metro Connection

Author: Rob Goodspeed


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