Moblogging Week in Review

Since getting my new Treo 650 I’ve started doing two things I couldn’t with my older phone: sending lots more text messages and also moblogging photos from the camera’s internal camera. Although the phone’s camera shoots at 640×480 pixels and can’t quite replace my digital camera, I know that perhaps my next phone will do just that. In the meantime I am enjoying shooting slightly grainy photos with the little camera, and surprised by the robust low-light sensitivity of the tiny camera. I’ve set it up to post to my Flickr account but not here, so here’s a selection of the photos from the past week or so:

National Airport

West Palm Beach, FL

Uncle Ron's Parrot

National Airport

London Broil

Alligator Gar

I have found the photos sometimes have the low-fi allure of Polaroid photos, and found the lack of a flash an interesting challenge. See all the photos here.

Author: Rob Goodspeed