Michigamua Scrutinized at Michigan

Although in general the memory of the 2000 Michigamua Tower Occupation is fading at Michigan, I have been encouraged by a new crop of activists who have sought to bring attention to the organization. Jamie Shenk is one of those students. The president of M-agination films, a unit of the University Activity Center, he became interested in Michigamua and has been working on an objective documentary about the organization and the 2000 protest. I have provided him with what informational materials I have and consented to be interviewed later this month for the film. The film will premiere at the Michigan Theater in April 2006. I just discovered this link to a preview of the film he has released:

> Fight Like Hell Trailer (3.5 mb)

Another group of students engaging in public debate about the organization is Sara Burke, Trent Busakowski, Margaret Czerwiensk, Clara Hardie and Ashwini Hardikar. The group put together an exhibit in the Michigan League Underground about the organization. They have posted a number of photos (including the one to the left) on the web. Check them out here. In an email to friends, Clara explains the show:

This art show was an attempt to counter the hostile environment Michigamua’s existence has created at U of M. We wanted to show solidarity with those directly effected by the Michigamua’s racism, to make it visible that outrage continues. Pieces in the show that profiled current Gamua members are attempts to raise questions and break down the power of the affiliated student leaders in order to deconstruct the foundation of racism and elitism that Michigamua stands on. …

Ill be making a radio segment on Michigamua for the indy media Black Box Radio show in Ann Arbor next semester. Check out past segments and shows.

Author: Rob Goodspeed