Michigamua Art Exhibit Thursday

This looks interesting, too bad I won’t be able to make it:

Michigamua EXPOSED!!!!!
An educational art exhibit sponsored by students from Art & Design 310
Thursday, December 15th
9 pm
Michigan League Underground

What is Michigamua? Why are they called a “secret society”? Why is it called racist? Why did students occupy the tower of the Union for 37 days? Who is in Michigamua today??

Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more! See you at Michigamua Exposed on 12/15

Questions? Email michigamuaexposed at umich.edu

*Please forward to interested individuals/organizations

> Here’s the flyer in PDF

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Rob–thanks SO much for all of your help with this event. We couldn’t have done it without your assistance. It went really really well!

  2. 1. Photos from show by Sam from our class:


    2. Trailer for an M-agination (student film-making group) documentary being made that will be screened at Michigan Theater April 6. They took footage of the art show and interviewed people who attended and the artists but that part isn’t in the trailer:


    3. ***TAKE ACTION*** Get your student group to sign this. Email nasa.core@umich.edu for more info.

    In Solidarity Against Racism:

    We the undersigned officially withhold our support, both now and into the future, from any organization that maintains ties to Michigamua.  Since 1902, Michigamua has a documented history of discrimination, racism, and cultural appropriation. Michigamua has also been repeatedly deceitful and noncompliant
    in both inter-community dialogues and official University contracts and
    agreements. This behavior runs counter to our organizational mission and
    commitment to a safe, respectful campus community.

    (Your organization’s name here)

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