Michigan Daily Criticized for Cartoons

This email is making the rounds in Ann Arbor:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: the michigan daily is unacceptable
From: amoffett at umich.edu

Within the last two weeks, the Michigan Daily has published two extremely racist comics against the black community. After the first one was published the community went to the daily to express their concerns about the racist nature of the cartoons. their response? To publish this.

As you all know, the University of Michigan considers itself a “beacon of diversity” and the “leader” in the fight for affirmative action. Yet this is how much the black students at this university are valued. Students are being called nigger as they walk across the diag, asian students got peed on by two white students. At this point students of color (and their allies) have to stand up and say “enough is enough”

so what do i want from you? EMAIL THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. we have to let people know whats going on…

alex moffett

Perhaps this is a good time to point out this information page from the Daily boycott of 2002.

See the cartoons: (1) and (2)

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Well, this email is just pointing out a couple cartoons. I thought I’d post it here for people to ponder. If you want to throw your $.02 into the mix drop me an email (I’ll keep it anonymous if you prefer) or post a comment. Thanks for reading.

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