Grover Norquist Protest Tomorrow

I got an email about this protest Working Assets is planning very near my work tomorrow morning. I noticed their organizer on the ground is none other than U-M grad and Billionaires for Bush founder Andrew Boyd.

Join Working Assets for breakfast with Grover Norquist

Hurricane Katrina is not only a national tragedy, it is also a teachable moment on the devastating human consequences of the radical right’s anti-government agenda. So we’re bringing the message home.

JOIN US this wednesday, sept 21st, 8:45am (sharp!), at L & 20th St., when the League of Independent Voters and Working Assets park a truck-based mobile billboard outside the office of Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform – the image juxtaposes his infamous quote about “drowning the government in a bathtub” alongside a flooded New Orleans :

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Why 8:45am? So we can catch DC’s top radical-right policy-makers as they show up for their weekly Norquist-convened strategy meeting.

Refreshments provided!

As well as leaflets & placards with these and other slogans:
“Make Levees, Not War”
“Small Government? Big Disaster!”
“U.S. Out of Iraq and into New Orleans”

Date and time: THIS wednesday, sept 21, 8:45am (sharp!)
Location: 1820 L St. NW (south east corner of L & 20th)
Contact: Andrew Boyd, 415/378-6499,

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. I wonder if you also noticed that this idiot Boyd scheduled his protest at the wrong time and instead harassed environmental activists?

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