Conservatives Planning March on Washington

The website is planning a protest to support John Roberts in September, on the date when his hearing is scheduled to begin: is now a leading sponsor of this HUGE counter-protest, which will take place on September 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2005 in our nation’s capital. …

All of these hundreds of far-left, out-of-the-mainstream liberals will be protesting in and around the U.S. Capitol Building during the Senate confirmation hearings on Judge Roberts… but they made a critical mistake. They failed to secure the MAIN area in front of the Senate building along Constitution Avenue where all the media will be, and OUR people now have a permit for the ENTIRE LENGTH of sidewalk there, from corner to corner! Their “Coalition of the Far Left” will be confronted by an entire block of peaceful, hard-working, patriotic Americans holding up various signs and banners promoting a TRULY “fair and independent judiciary” and denouncing the radical leftists’ attempts to smear Judge Roberts, along with their demands for a liberal ACTIVIST court.

When similar protests occurred over the future of the Senate filibuster last spring, the conservatives’ rally (organized through was quite pathetic, whereas our rally went rather well.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. thanks for blogging on this. they disgust me. ha… i love how they condemn “ACTIVIST” liberals on their e-mails when obv. they are “Activist” assholes “) keep fighting the good fight. i’m so glad its not catching… besides, we know conservatives can’t stand extreme heat, dust, or rain. my bet is their turn out will be lacking. cause… we just… do it better.

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