“Busboys and Poets”

This was posted on Joe Trippi’s blog:

One of the gentlemen who also came was Anas (Andy) Shallal who is an Iraqi-American peace activist from Washington, DC. I talked to him briefly after he addressed the crowd of supporters under the tent. It took a while to pull him away from the crowd as everyone wanted to thank him for his words and express support for what he is doing. So what is he doing?

Anas is the owner of newly opened Busboys and Poets in D.C. (right by Howard University) a progressive cafe and bookstore with a full-service bar, restaurant and free Wi-Fi. Its a community place, a spot that will inspire the same thinking and intellectualism that inspired Langston Hughes, also a “busboy and poet? in our nation’s capital.

Has anyone been? It’s at 2021 14th Street.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. This is a refreshing and well needed retreat for activists, poets, blossoming scholars and aged intellectuals. I love the bookstore, the bar and great possibilities of social activsim being birth in this beautiful, comfortable “home”.

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