“Liberal Academe”?

Thanks to a vigilant reader, who pointed out in today’s print edition of the Ann Arbor News, the “Talk About Town” column playfully points out that the staff at the University of Michigan are among the most generous in higher education in their giving to George W. Bush’s re-election campaign:

“Indeed, U-M faculty members’ campaign contributions to Bush during the first three quarters of the last year made Michigan one of the top 10 Bush-supporting campuses.

U-M did not, on the other hand, break into the top 10 givers to the Dean camp.”

The article continues to point out the results are affected by the large field of Democratic candidates, and the fact that ” … a relatively small number of Bush contributors can – and did – donate the $9,000 that made the Michigan faculty No. 7 on the Times’ list of Bush supporters.” But concluding “But as an exercise in stereotype-busting, this is all good fun.”

To readers of this website, these findings should come as no surprise: my analysis of the 2000 election revealed U-M affiliates gave Bush over $4,000, while Al Gore only received $1,400. Want to know whose giving to whom? The political giving front has plenty of info, although I haven’t updated it with presidential primary data.

Author: Rob