“Personally, the idea of an American – me – and a group of Brits coming to Iraq to open a publication was fraught with concerns about cultural imperialism. I feared we would be granting legitimacy to an invasion and occupation that I consider to be illegal. But after careful thought and having published seven issues of a fortnightly magazine here in the Iraqi capital, I feel my reasons for doing this have been borne out, and that what we are doing is a good thing. It is, of course, a fine line we are walking, but here’s how we’re doing it.
The foreign press, though necessary here as well, cannot on its own increase the transparency of the administration and make it accountable for what is happening here – in-depth, ground-level reporting is vital, and making that kind of journalism accessible to people outside Iraq is extremely important. Is it not a duty of citizenship to make one’s fellow citizens aware of the effects of their country’s policies abroad, when one is in a position to do so?”

>These words from U-M grad Dave Ender’s elegant op-ed in London’s Guardian: “Can Westerners Give a Voice to Iraqis?”

Author: Rob