“Shipley, 25, a 1996 graduate of Huron High School, appears in a “Girls of the Big 10” pictorial in the new October issue. She autographed copies of the magazine at two Ann Arbor stores Thursday. Photographed in the buff but for a chain link belt, she’s featured in a 10-page pictorial of what Playboy claims are the “hottest coeds” in the Big 10.

Missing at the autograph session were the three other featured U-M students, Adrienne Rose, Sarah Louise and Lauren Kathleen, who apparently dislike using their surnames as much as public appearances.
Jenny Larwa, who graduated from U-M last year with a degree in women’s studies, said she was shocked when she learned her friend would be featured in Playboy.

“Yen’s so beautiful and exotic-looking, she’s perfect for it,” she said. “She’s representing U-M very well.”

Asked if she had any reservations about women posing nude for a man’s magazine, Larwa admitted she did.

“I have conflicting views, but I support Yen and it’s her decision,” she said.

> From AANews: “U-M Senior among Playboy’s ‘Hottest Coeds'”

Author: Rob