According to USA Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger has told a TV station that he opposes the racial information ban, or Proposition 54, in California. If passed, the initiative would prohibit the state from collecting information about race:

“Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, in an attempt to defuse criticism of the big contributions he’s received from Indian tribes, announced Sunday that he is transferring about $3.8 million into the effort to fight Proposition 54.

The measure, which will be at the bottom of the lengthy recall ballot, would limit the amount of racial data that the state and local governments can collect.

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger told a Spanish-language TV station Saturday that he opposed it. Both candidates are among those vying to replace Democratic Gov. Gray Davis if voters decide to recall him on Oct. 7. Davis is also against the initiative.”

> USA Today: “California candidates sieze proposition 54 issue”

Author: Rob