“… The issue of Israel moved some neoconservatives – like Podhoretz – to the conservative side to be sure. But to write a piece whose central claim is that neoconservatives are Jewish nationalists out to control American policy in behalf of Israel is merely to mouth the false and hateful propaganda of the Islamic jihadists. It is the jihadists who have attacked America, who have blown up the Middle East peace and who have a desperate stake in the myth that Jews are behind the war on terror and that the war on terror is about Israel, when in fact it is about the hatred of Islamic radicals for a tolerant and democratic United States.

I am sorry to see such self-righteous ignorance on display in a college journal, but then what else is new?”

> Writes David Horowitz, in response to my friend Ari Paul’s column “What the Hell is a Neocon?” that ran in the Daily last Wednesday. Read more about Horowitz here.

Author: Rob