Fun With Buses at Maryland Day

As a newly accepted University of Maryland graduate student, was all set to attend their 8th annual “Maryland Day” event planned for tomorrow. Unfortunately, some last minute work travel popped up so I won’t be able to go. This year the annual end-of-year event is doubling as a 150th anniversary, and they have all kinds of wacky events lined up including the “World’s Largest” Strawberry Shortcake and unveiling of a bunch of decorated Testudos that will be displayed in the region. I think the university’s transportation department has some of the most entertaining stuff planned:

… A thrill of a different kind can be found at the bus-pulling contest, located next to the obstacle course. Here, teams of five to eight people will compete by tugging a shuttle bus towards the finish line, which would take one to two minutes to reach, depending on the strength of the team. Teams will pull the buses next to each other.

Watch these same teams compete in Bus-ketball. As team buses circles in a pre-determined route, the team will shoot playground balls toward the “basket” for points. There are just a couple rules, however. Players have to be seated and cannot lean out of the window.
Daihatsu Stuffing Contest

Finally, these teams will compete in a Daihatsu stuffing contest, featuring some of the smallest vehicles on campus. Teams will attempt to stuff as many people in the shortest period of time into a maintenance vehicle designed to fit only one to two people. …

Author: Rob Goodspeed