Tasting the “Delicious Frappe of Executive Priviledge”

But we are facing a deadly enemy that wants to hit us again. And hit us hard. And as President, I’ve got to stop all the hitting. We celebrate tonight the confirmation of Justice Ah-leet-toe. He’s going to be a powerful ally in the war on terror. Because he’s going to let me hit whoever I want, wherever I want, and he’s going to let me listen to the private phonecalls of people I’m thinking of hitting. Plus, he loves him some wombs. In a major way. Choosing the right people for the Supreme Court is an important part of my job. At least that’s what I heard. Plus, these confirmations are the only legislative victories I’ve been able to achieve since I got re-elected. So, I’ve got to get me some more of them.

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Author: Rob Goodspeed