Bush’s Summer Reading

I was quoted by the Washington Examiner today about what Bush should be reading on his summer vacation. Here’s what I suggested:

‘Walking With the Wind,’ by John Lewis. I’d tell President Bush to read this book because every American should read it. John Lewis is an American hero.

‘The Berenstain Bears And The Bully,’ by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It seems to me that the unilateralist policy adopted by President Bush is basically the global equivalent of schoolyard bullying. As a child I loved the ‘Berenstain Bears’ books and their practical life lessons. I’m pretty sure Mama Bear wouldn’t authorize an attack on a foreign country until she was sure her intelligence was correct, but I’d ask the president to take a look at this book and make up his own mind.” – Rob Goodspeed, editor, DCist.com

That appeared just after National Review Editor Jonah Goldberg’s but just before historian James McPherson’s recommendation. I think I was the only person who suggested a picture book. I also suggested the following, which didn’t appear in the story:

Death and Life of Great American Cities
By Jane Jacobs
Our country badly needs a comprehensive urban policy to invest in the urban infrastructure of older cities and direct sustainable development. Jacobs’ book doesn’t contain policy prescriptions, but instead a vivid description of what a healthy urban community can be. Investing in efficient and well-planned public transportation systems, encouraging alternative energy technologies with tax credits, and supporting efforts to preserve open space are not only sound, nonpartisan ideas, but also essential to the future of our communities and economy.

The list includes 21 people, but only 3 are women. There’s lots of good suggestions in there, go take a look.

Author: Rob Goodspeed