PFAW Opposes Roberts

Today, my employer, People For the American Way, announced they are opposing the nomination of John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court, citing tens of thousands of documents obtained from his years working for Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. You can read our 50-page interim report summarizing his views and our position here. (PDF)

PFAW president Ralph G. Neas announced the news today at the National Press Club in a press conference covered earlier today on CSPAN. Here’s the text of the remarks he gave.

I’ve personally reviewed much of the evidence cited by the report and read closely the series of investigative articles printed in the Washington Post about Roberts’ past. He is very conservative: he’s anti-choice, opposes affirmative action, and in the 80s even argued schools that receive federal funds should be exempt from federal anti-discrimination laws prohibiting discrimination based on gender and race. He is more conservative than O’Connor and would tip the court to the right on a number of key legal issues.

Author: Rob Goodspeed