Rally for Education in Michigan

rally in Lansing, Michigan this week that organizers had hoped to draw
a few thousand people attracted over 10,000, making it the largest
rally at the state capitol in at least 20 years. The rally, organized
by the K-16 Coalition for Michigan’s Future, was designed to pressure the state legislature to increase funding for public schools in the state:

Schools have had three years of no increases with
per-pupil funding stuck at a minimum of $6,700. There were mid-year
cuts of about $74 per pupil for two years running, while health care,
retirement and other fixed costs increased. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has
proposed a $175-per-pupil increase next year. House and Senate versions
of the K-12 budget also include the increase. (cite)

With high unemployment and a struggling auto industry, Michigan’s economy has continued to languish. See media clips about the rally.


Author: Rob Goodspeed