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Which Cities Create Comprehensive Plans?

I attended a lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) last night where Robert Yaro from the New York Regional Plan Association (RPA) presented about his organization’s intention begin a new plan for the New York region. (See a video). GSD professor Jerold Kayden introduced Robert Yaro. After a brief synopsis of the […]

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Democratizing Big Data and Innovative Public Engagement

I thought I should note here two blog posts I recently published elsewhere. I discussed some of the challenges involved in making “big data” accessible to low income communities in a post on Planetizen: “The Democratization of Big Data“. I posted a guest post on PlaceMatter‘s blog about an innovative planning process for transit-oriented development […]

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Summer Planning and Technology Today Newsletter Out

Over the past year I’ve become involved in the American Planning Association’s Technology Division, an interesting group of academics and professionals interested in technology in planning. This summer together with PB’s Steve Chiaramont, I became co-editor of the Division’s newsletter Planning and Technology Today. Our first issue contains stories on GIS, regional scenario analysis, and […]

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