YP4 Virtual Town Hall Tomorrow

This call I’m helping organize for YP4 will be really interesting, one of our fellows is a published author.

We are excited to celebrate Black History Month with a special Town Hall Meeting conference call:

Strides for Social Justice:
The Struggle for Educational Equality

A discussion about past struggles for educational equality
and the lessons we can apply to our campaigns for social change today,
led by Young People For Senior Fellow and Author Paul Kendrick

Tuesday Afternoon

Paul Kendrick is a Presidential Administrative Fellow and graduate student at The George Washington University. While an undergraduate, Paul served as presdient of the campus NAACP chapter. Paul is the co-author of Sarah’s Long Walk: How the Free Blacks of Boston and Their Struggle for Equality Changed America. Read a review of Paul’s book here.

E-mail sthomas at pfaw.org to register now. It’s not too late!

Author: Rob Goodspeed