MoveOn’s ‘New Organizing Institute’

I just heard about a new effort by MoveOn called the New Organizing Institute to recruit and train online organizers for progressive candidates. I’ve written to get involved, I think it sounds like exciting idea:

The Institute will select exceptionally talented trainees, provide them with intensive training, and follow up with continued support throughout their early careers. Our goal is to create a network of experienced online organizers and technologists committed to progressive values. In its first two years, the NOI hopes to inject hundreds of new, talented and trained online organizers and technologists into the job market — organizers who understand politics and people as well as the Internet and technology.

In addition to training, the NOI will also conduct research in the fields of online organizing, technology in politics, and campaign IT and logistics.

The effort seems a logical counterpart to the New Politics Institute which is a think tank of sorts dedicated to ensuring progressives maintain a lead on the web. It also seems like a good complement to all the more traditional training going on (Emily’s List, 21st Century Democrats, Young People For, Camp Wellstone, union trainings, LCV-EF trainings, etc, etc) that sometimes don’t have the time or expertise to dedicate to technology issues. I don’t know whether or not all of this will cause a shift in American politics, but at least a whole lot of people are trying to build the political skills of our side …

Author: Rob Goodspeed