Woodson House Update

I got this over a neighborhood listserv about the Carter G. Woodson house:

Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site — Presented by the National Park Service, which took ownership of Dr. Woodson’s home at 1538 9th St. intends to open it up as a National Historic Site in the next 5 to 10 years. The focus of the site will be as a cultural resource and learning center. Over the next several years the NPS will be securing a dedicated source of funding for the site, doing studies to determine the historic place and significance of the
site, and how best to present it. They are currently negotiating with Shilo Baptist Church to purchase 1540 and 1542 and feel confident that those negotiations will conclude soon to purchase them adding more space for the creation of the national historic site. The NPS hopes to have an acquisition ceremony in 2006.

Author: Rob Goodspeed