FBI Reports on Nation of Islam

The great website the Memory Hole just posted two FBI reports on the Nation Of Islam from the 1960s. I look forward to checking them out when I get the chance. Here’s what The Memory Hole’s Russ Kirk has to say:

Upon review, the FBI has released the two reports on the Nation of Islam. We’ve scanned and posted them above. They’re based on often obscure public-source documents, internal NOI literature, and confidential material, such as informants and FBI investigative files.

Both reports were originally classified “Confidential” and were declassified in 1977, although they don’t seem to have been publicly released until now.

In the monographs, the FBI refers to the NOI as a “fanatical, all-Negro cult in the United States which is based on a distorted interpretation of the religious principles of Islam and is motivated by hatred of the white race.”

Author: Rob Goodspeed