Michigamua Update

tour6I was contacted today by a student doing some research on Michigamua, and I realized I had not plugged the various resources I have recently. I just posted a 12-page research paper (PDF) I wrote in 2004 on the organization. It was rather hastily thrown together for a class, however I believe it is a good basic primer on the organization’s history.

Here’s what else I suggested:

Go to the Bentley Historical Library on North Campus and request to view the Michigamua collection. They hold two boxes of historical information about the organization that can give you a feel for their history at the University. You’ll be surprised to find that all of the written documents for nearly 100 years are written in what can best be understood as stylized English akin to the idiom developed in blackface minstrelsy. There are also memos and letters of high ranking administrators who were members and information about their role raising money for the Union. …

Also, the SCC made a video in 2000 you may want to check out. The University library has two copies – check Mirlyn. Here’s the record I pulled:

Inside the Michigamua “Wigwam” [videorecording] : opening the doors of institutional racism at the University of Michigan / Students of Color Coalition.

Bentley Historical 0294 Aa 2
Askwith Media Library – Rm. 2002 | VIDEO 39642-H

Here’s the paper and other resources:

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Author: Rob Goodspeed