Tour – Day 3

I spent today touring around San Francisco with Emily and then met up with a couple more high school friends who have made their way out here for dinner at Luna Park in the Mission district. I once heard San Francisco was a city with five separate interlocking transit systems and I’m beginning to understand why – today I rode BART (which is eerily similar to WMATA’s Metrorail) and a MUNI bus, but also saw lots of Trolleys, one MUNI line which is surface light rail, and heard about the underground MUNI lines. I’ll be exploring some of those a bit more tomorrow. Of course, my friends gripe about how BART closes much too early – around midnight all week. I am reminded of when WMATA first instituted with the late hours on Metrorail on weekends in D.C. – when they did it, ridership exceeded expectations. I think it also makes sense even if there’s not a lot of people from a public safety perspective – it helps prevent drunk driving.

I uploaded my photos to the Flickr trip set – probably the most interesting bunch yet. Tomorrow more exploring, and lunch with Jackson West of SFist.

Author: Rob Goodspeed