DCist Presents: Unbuckled

really excited about this – Gothamist has sponsored a series of highly
successful concerts with local bands in New York, and we’re going to do
the same here in D.C. The idea is that you charge just enough to cover
your expenses and highlight some local talent. We’ve decided to call
our series “Unbuckled� (Gothamist used “Moveable Hype,� a take-off on
the name of popular blogging software)

The first of a regular series of concerts sponsored by DCist featuring
great local bands. The first concert will feature local acts Cartel and the Bicycle Thieves. Admission will be $7

When: June 30 at 9 p.m.

Where: Black Cat’s Backstage (See a google map)

> See the announcement on DCist
> See the event on Upcoming.org


Author: Rob Goodspeed