Getting the Word Out on “30 Days�

been getting a lot of hits recently to my blog from people searching
for information on Morgan Spurlock’s new series, which premiered
tonight on FX. I blogged earlier today about my thoughts – it’s very
eye opening yet entertaining. Someone left this comment recently on one of my posts about a screening of his first episode:

do we get the Morgan Spurlock “30 days� regarding minimum wage, seen by
a much larger, more wealthy audience? Not to mention that all state and
federal employees should see it so that they can figure out how the
people they deal with daily, have to live. Poor people in this country
are stereotyped as lazy and ignorant. We deserve respect. We work as
hard or harder than our wealthy counterparts. This program has just
validated things I have been trying to tell agencies for years. Yeah
for Morgan Spurlock.

After I saw the minimum wage
episode, I immediately thought the film would be excellent to use in a
classroom to spark discussion, in combination with work in a local
community with low income working people there. When I can purchase it
on DVD I plan on doing that to add to my copy of Wellstone!
in my small but growing library to show to students in the future. How
else can we get the word out? Perhaps a D.C. nonprofit or union could
organize house parties around another airing of the program. The other episodes planned
tackle alcoholism, American consumerism, what it’s like to be a Muslim
in America, and one where Morgan says a “24-year old god fearing
homophobe� goes to live in San Francisco’s Castro District. All and
all, sounds like some good TV to me.


Author: Rob Goodspeed