Antigay Boot Camp and Blog Storms

A 16-year-old Tennessee boy recently came out to his parents. They didn’t react well: they sent him to anti-gay boot camp. However, his moving blog has created what Terrance calls a “blog storm� on the web:

that’s where it stands for now. A lonely, scared, gay teenager in
Tennessee dropped a post into the big blog pond, and cause ripples and
then waves of support, awareness and action. How it will all end, no
one can tell. Zach hasn’t blogged since he’s been at Refuge, and
probably can’t. According to his blog, he’ll be there for at least one
more day, and maybe a few more. When he gets out, returns home, and has
had time to sort out his thoughts, He’ll probably blog about it. The
difference is that there are a whole lot more of us listening now.

> Zach’s blog


Author: Rob Goodspeed