DC Blogger Meetup Friday

Kathryn On and Rock Creek Rambler are sponsoring a blogger meetup Friday at Eyebar
from 6 to 9 p.m. they’re calling “Live Blog 05: Like Blogging, but with
Speech”. Yeah, it’s at Eyebar, a self-described “place to see and be

Here’s what RCR says about it:

Don’t forget about Live Blog this Friday. All bloggers,
commenters, and lurkers are invited. But if any of you lurkers come,
you have to actually talk. If you just stand around watching everyone
else it will really creep me out. Kathryn and I really hope y’all make
it, because otherwise we’re totally going to feel like the chess club
of the blogosphere. If you have other plans, break them, because this
happy hour is going to be off the hook. And then we’re going to put it
back on the hook, because we don’t like clutter.


Author: Rob Goodspeed