DCist Help Wanted

of the editors of DCist is leaving, and we’re looking for a
replacement. Catherine was one of the first people to join Mike and I
in our little endeavor, and has been an excellent and reliable blogger
and been instrumental helping DCist be so successful. We’ll be sad to
see her go! She has posted to her blog a description of who we’re looking for:

as it stands, my responsibilities at DCist aren’t entirely focused, but i do the following every week, or at least try to:
– write a weekly music agenda on mondays of shows that i think will be good
– do a DCist music interview with a local band, to be published on thursdays
– write a weekend picks post on fridays, highlighting interesting events on friday, saturday, and sunday
– try to write or solicit-and-edit one or two concert reviews every week or two.

If you are interested drop me a line. She also has these nice things to say about the site:

DCist is totally great and has been one of the most positive things
i’ve ever been involved in. all the staff have become good friends, and
they’re an amazing group of motivated and talented people. i’m too sad
to be leaving, but since i have to, i want to find one (or two,
perhaps) really good, committed people that would be willing to cover
music stuff and help DCist grow even more awesome …

Check out Catherine’s 165 DCist posts here.


Author: Rob Goodspeed