Vote For Eugene Kang August 2

Eugene Kang
is a native Ann Arbor resident who is running for Ann Arbor’s City
Council from Ward 2. He is a 21-year-old University of Michigan senior.
If elected, he would be the first undergraduate on the City Council in
many years. He is running against a former Republican mayoral candidate
Stephen Rapundalo in an August 2 Democratic primary.
Ward 2 includes Mary Markley, Couzens, Alice Lloyd, Stockwell, the
Linden Street area and all the neighborhoods northeast of Washtenaw
Avenue. To register to vote or check your registration or polling
location, call the city clerk at 734-994-2725.

> Contact the Kang campaign at kangforcitycouncil (at) or (734) 972-7254.
> View his platform
> Read articles printed by the Ann Arbor News and the Michigan Daily about his candidacy
> Join the Kang for Council Facebook Group


Author: Rob Goodspeed