Mainers: No Fools

I was excited to find this Maine Politics blog that got started recently. The author recently attended a visit to the state by Bush advisor Andrew Card:

exciting part in Bangor didn’t come during the speech, but after it.
Card had said his piece, the small audience had applauded politely and
he was headed for the exit, when an old Mainer stood up in the middle
of the room and said his piece. “Where are you going? I thought this
was supposed to be a dialogue.? Card turned and paused, the cameras
flashed, and he began to move back towards the podium.

The man,
a retired history professor (whom the BDN identifies as “Clyde
MacDonald, 75, of Hampden”) asked an excellent question about the
wisdom of drawing down the trust fund in order to fund a new program
when the real issue in Social Security is solvency. Card mocked him a
bit and turned for another question. I think he picked me because I was
clean-cut and wearing a young-republicanesque polo shirt.

began my question by stating that President Bush often denigrates the
Social Security trust fund, claiming it doesn’t exist and that it is
full of worthless IOUs. I didn’t get any farther. Card looked right at
me and said that the President does no such thing. …


Author: Rob Goodspeed