Preserving Detroit

Detroit Free Press architecture writer John Gallagher discusses in a column today
what should happen in Detroit to better preserve the city’s
architecture. He writes: “Preservation seems more like a secondary
option in Detroit, to be abandoned if a developer prefers tearing
something down and starting anew. That’s not making use of our best
assets,� and asks after pointing to a recent court battle over
preservation of a historic building, “Do we want to lurch from one of
these preservation crises to the next? Or do we want to take a lesson
from other cities that have found a way to make preservation pay?� The
column them summarizes four suggestions to increase the commitment to
preservation in the city: 1. Buy into the concept, 2. Dump the
stereotypes, 3. Define the Historic District Commission, 4. End
fragmentation of effort.

> Freep: “We can preserve Detroit“

(Image from DetroitYes!)


Author: Rob Goodspeed