Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry’s daughter, is coming to campus this week:


This is Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry’s youngest daughter. My stepbrother Chris and I are coming to you at University of Michigan this Thursday night at the Union.

Want to know how to afford your education? Want to know how we can help the environment? Want a job after college? Please come talk about how the current presidential election affects you and these questions.

Please join us in Room 2105B of the Union at 8:00pm this Thursday, January 8th. We’re bringing some pizza with us, just in case you’re getting tired of dorm food.

Whomever your candidate, we hope you will join us in a conversation about our country and this election.

Chris and I have spent the last several months traveling around the country talking about the importance of this election. We need to nominate a strong candidate to go toe to toe with Bush this fall. And we need someone who will stand firm on the issues that we care about.

My Dad has got 100% ratings from the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Human Rights Campaign and other groups whose values we share. I want to tell you about why he is the guy who fights for what is right AND can beat Bush — so please come out to talk to Chris and I about what we can do to not just take our country back but move our country forward!

Chris and I are looking forward to meeting you!

Vanessa Kerry (and Chris Heinz)”

Author: Rob