… “Often those who cloak themselves in a cape of religiosity happen to be some who are the biggest cutters,” Granholm said. “Now, some of that can balance out. But when you get to cutting the services for the least of these — in the 25th chapter of Matthew in the 37th verse the Lord says, ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of these, so also you do unto me’ — that’s when I question whether somebody is really living out the faith that they profess.”

Skubick responded by saying he thought Granholm would be criticized for the remark, but she said she simply hoped that everyone in Lansing would “keep those values in mind . . . through the budget process.”

Granholm’s critics were quick to pounce.

“It is quite arrogant for the governor to cloak her views on balancing the budget in religious terms in order to demonize her political opponents,” said Betsy DeVos, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

“The governor may not know it, but there are quite a few folks in Michigan who give regularly to charities and churches and view this as an excellent and efficient way to help the poor and the less fortunate,” DeVos said. “Apparently, she thinks that only government can do that.” … “

> Freep: “On cuts, Granholm cites bible, draws wrath” (Thanks to a tip from George)

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