A Letter From the Editor

A few months ago, a friend of mine was telling me that although they liked my website, they rarely posted comments because of the “machismo.” I was troubled – they were an involved, political, well-informed person, and I certainly wanted them to feel they could participate. Part of my goal of this website was to encourage an ongoing dialogue among interested parties about issues of public concern: something I struggled to do both through student government and the Michigan Daily.

I think that to some degree I have been successful, but I have been constantly aware of the fact that many people who might have interesting ideas, information, or opinions almost never post them. I think part of the reason why is that those with strong views who never hesitate to air them chill speech – why bother posting anything if you or your idea will be childishly ridiculed or savagely attacked? I realize I myself participate in this process, and that’s why what opinion you see here is carefully metered: most of my posts are simply informational. Regular visitors to this site will know that I, myself, tried my best to stay out of the lengthy pissing matches that seemed to develop in the comments. My visitors in general know my “take” and I’m posting the information to get theirs – not to enter into personal spats or post uninformed rants, (which my friends know I’m certainly capable of). So this said, I pose the question to you, readers: what do you think? Remember: you can post anonymous comments easily, just enter a dash instead of your name and email address.

– Rob Goodspeed

Author: Rob