“… Let’s stop the hysteria and honestly ask ourselves what is sprawl? “Sprawl” is the unfortunate pejorative title government planners give to economic development that takes place in areas they can’t control. In reality, “sprawl” is new
houses, new school buildings, new plants, and new office and retail facilities. “Sprawl” is new jobs, new hope and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. It’s the American Dream unfolding before your eyes. … “

> Says Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson in an article on the county webpage titled Sprawl, Schmall… Give Me More Development If only what he says were actually true, and sprawl was a function of pure preference, not the product of government policy biases making it cheaper for people to live in the suburbs than rent an apartment, whether or not they “wanted” to or not. Can you say “majoritarianism”? I think there was a federalist paper about that …

Author: Rob