The Ann Arbor News profiled in an article yesterday city resident Karen Sidney, who has used the Freedom of Information Act to examine city finances:

” … Sidney said the more she dug, the more she was bothered by the logic behind some major decisions being made.

“Somehow, they found money to go ahead with a new city hall but we can’t afford to pick up your garbage?” Sidney asked. “When you are spending $24 million dollars (on city hall), you need to have decent discussions on that. But they feel that ‘we know what is best for you’ and they will just slip it by you.”

Sally Rutzky, an attorney, said her friend Sidney likes an open process.

“Karen has a deeply held value that we should know what we are basing our decision on,” Rutzky said. “When dealing with Karen (at work), you know there is always full disclosure. She wants the basis for the decisions to be known. She wants everything out for everyone to see.” … “

> AANews: “Activist Karen Sidney’s demand: ‘Show me the money'”

Author: Rob